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I Feel Frustrated, Lost, Confused, Disconnected, Alone, Sad, Frightened
Private Intensive Retreats


Dawn Billings offers PRIVATE intensive retreats at the Relationship Help Healing Resort. Private intensives are by far the favorite option of most struggling couples. If you want a proven solution, a plethora of resources, and complete access to Dawn, you may want to schedule a PRIVATE intensive around your busy schedule.  It will feel like a luxury  vacation, but is guaranteed to enlighten you, educate you, focus you, and create a new and wonderful way of understanding and communicating with your partner. If after you have completed the Private Intensive you do not fell that you have gained so many new insights into yourself and others, Dawn will refund half of the investment. However, I must warn you, to date no one has ever felt that this individual or couple's retreat did not exceed their expectations. For pricing and more details click link below.

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Primary Colors Personality Test & Insight Tools


To take the Primary Colors Personality Series of Tests that Dawn will use to help you understand yourself and others, visit: 

This expert series of tests usually costs $248 but you will receive a $149 discount and your entire series of PCPT tests will only cost $99.

Your results for your test series will be emailed directly to Dawn Billings and she will explain them and use them to help you make significant positive changes in your relationships, both personal and professional.

Primary Colors Personality Test

"I recently had the opportunity to take and assess the PCPT with Dawn Billings and it was honestly, the best assessment tool that I have used.  What's unique about the PCPT is that it not only focuses on the positive color personality tendencies of each color, but also allows you to consider your extreme personality color tendencies as well.  I appreciated understanding how my color interacts with my husband - as well as my children.  I learned that staying centered in my color is what brings me happiness and success and when I am acting in my extremes, it can be a challenge for myself and all those around me.  


This unique assessment has allowed me to easily understand the colors of myself and others and how I can transition from an extreme situation back to my "true self" that is centered.  It has given my husband and I a tool to utilize in communicating in a much more effective and loving way.


I would highly recommend this process - it is life changing."   Lesa Grimes

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Couple's Therapy Group Retreats


Dawn L. Billings offers Group couples healing retreats at the Relationship-Help Healing Resort only 4 times a year. These retreats concentrate of education and information that are proven to enhance, strengthen and heal relationships. There will never be more than four couples attending at a time. If you have a group of friends that are interested in bettering their relationships, this is the perfect solution and a great deal of fun!  This Group intensive is a vacation that is also guaranteed to enlighten you, educate you, and create a new way of understanding and communicating with your partner or half of your money back.

For prices and more details, click link below.

Consultations & Couple's Coaching


Dawn L. Billings sees clients at The Relationship Healing Resort in Mesa, AZ.  Dawn is happy to do a private session for people who have completed the Primary Colors Relationship Personality Series and desire more one-on-one consultation about what their results mean in connection with their relationships.


Dawn also does follow-up sessions with people who have attended a 2-day intensive at the resort. However, Dawn no longer recommends the traditional once a week sessions for individual and couples because too much real life gets in the way of fully absorbing the information and education and limits growth and healing potential. If you are looking for an extraordinary and life-altering experience, consider a 2-day intensive at the resort with Dawn, or look into the Relationship Help At comprehensive 26-week, only 5 minutes a day program. 

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Advanced Personality Training


For counselors, coaches, pastors or anyone who works with couples and families, Dawn Billings offers an Advanced Personality 2 day Training, or an ONLINE advanced personality training to be taken at your convenience in the comfort of your own home or office. Once you have completed the training you will be able to be licensed as a Personality-Expert to use the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools with your clients, or members.

See for more information about what it means to

become a personality-expert.

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