Dawn Billings
I’ve made it my life’s mission to work with individuals, couples and organizations to help them unlock the keys to personal resilience and emotional intelligence. I have learned that if people gain insight into their color personality tendencies and learn to understand the color personality tendencies of others they flourish across all life domains.  Naturally curious and driven by a desire to understand and effectively communicate with people, I inspire people to implement practical tools and strategies that are informed by latest advances in neuroscience, personality and human psychology.


With a career spanning 40+ years I have worked with individuals, couples and organizations to diminish interpersonal conflict, strengthen team development and promote understanding, engagement and optimal functioning. While honing my skills in applying scientific rigor, and deepen my understanding of optimal human functioning — I completed a Masters in Clinical Psychology, while my doctorate work was in Organizational Psychology.

In 2008 Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation's 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project, as well as, chosen as one of 15 "Women of Achievement" by the Cobb County, Georgia, YWCA for her socially dynamic programs and life long dedication to the benefit of women and children.

My highly acclaimed Primary Colors Personality Test™ administered to over 90,000 people each year, focuses on strengthening communication skills, building strong and lasting relationships, and greatly improving productivity. I provide communication and advanced personality training at the Executive Training Resort in Arizona and license my personality tests around the world.

I am extremely proud to be the CEO, Founder of The Heart Link Women's Network®, an intimate and innovative women's networking company, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs showcase their products and services with ease. The Heart Link Women's Network has over 100 locations in US, Canada and Australia.

In 2011 and 2012, The Heart Link Women's Network received the Women Entrepreneurs Business Award of Excellence, as the 'best women's networking group'.