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6 Personality Colors
Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests
Primary Colors Personality Test

The Primary Colors Relationship Communication and Leadership Personality Tool is not a "me-too" personality test. It is not built off of the four quadrant model make popular by Carl Jung and duplicated hundreds of times. Nor is it based on the more statistically based Big 5 personality model. This instrument is truly unique in that it uses the colors of the artist's color wheel, (used for thousands of years to recreate what we see, as well as, what we can imagine), as a simple, yet complex metaphor to aid people in understanding their unique blend of color personality tendencies as they powerfully influence human behavior at its best, but more importantly, at it worst.

Conflict does not arise out of our best qualities and strengths.  Instead all conflict, misery, frustration and miscommunication arise out of what Dawn Billings has named a person's Extreme Color Personality Tendencies. This series of tests does not use colors simply for using colors sake, it instead helps you understand what color personality tendencies you blend to color your world.

"Genius. Dawn Billing’s Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests are the most compelling system for helping people to think about personality that I have ever seen. This fun, easy-to-use, model gets people thinking about who they are, how they approach the world, and how personalities impact their relationships—at home or at work. But be careful, it is contagious. Two multi-colored thumbs way up."      

 Scott M. Stanley, Ph.D., Research Professor - Author, The Power of Commitment,  

  Co-author, Fighting for Your Marriage and A Lasting Promise

Unique Personality Test
What Makes Primary Colors Test Unique?


Click on picture above or link in this text to visit a detailed informative website developed to answer your questions about why and how the amazing Primary Colors Relationship Personality Tests are unique.

Personality Test
Take Primary Colors Personality Test Series


Take the six Personality Tests on your laptop, tablet, or phone for  the drastically reduced price of only $99. After each test you will receive detailed information about your Color Blend Personality Tendencies.

Advanced Personality Training
Advanced Personality Training


Interested in Advanced Personality Training with Dawn Billings? This two day training can be attended in person or completed online. Pick the most convenient way for you to expand your training and counseling expertise.

Join PCPT Personality Expert


Do you want to be licensed to use the Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools as a professor in your leadership/communication courses, in your private practice as a counselor or coach or in your leadership training or with couples in your church?

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