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Want to Receive Relationship Help in
the Comfort of your own Home?


Do wonder how two people who were once so in love now can hardly speak to one another without completely being misunderstood? You are not alone. Many people are facing relationship challenges without the necessary tools and answers they need.

Couple's counseling can cost from $80 to $250 a session. That can be cost-prohibitive for many people. How would you like to have the resources to strengthen and heal your relationship in the comfort of your own home? Now you can find the articles, books, training videos by Dawn Billings, all providing the answers you need to heal, strengthen and renew your relationship in Dawn's comprehensive 26-week Online relationship program. It's a master's degree in what helps relationship work BUT at an amazingly affordable price, AND you never have to leave the comfort of your living room. Want more information?


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Do You Need Real Answers to Real Problems?


Do you want to find that love, happiness and connected feeling you once had with your partner? Do you feel like the two of you are simply co-existing, or worse, barely hanging on? It might be time to give yourself the gift of a relationship intensive with Dawn Billings at the Relationship Help Healing Resort in Arizona. Luxury accommodations, private suites, a private chef, healing, relaxing atmosphere and one-on-one intensive work with relationship and personality expert Dawn Billings, makes our Private Intensives the most popular healing option by far, and it is guaranteed to make a real difference in the way you understand YOU and your partner.

Have some close friends that would like to attend together. Dawn does GROUP intensives with no more than four couples (eight people) that are great fun and the information and education is life and relationship altering.

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Dawn Billings Author
Why Couples Choose to Work with Dawn L. Billings


If you want more than the traditional approach to relationship problems, you want Dawn Billings. Using Primary Colors Personality Insight Tools, you will understand your partner and yourself like never before.

Entitlement - The Cause
of Relational Distress


Dawn Billings has written many books on entitlement and its destructive wrath. All extreme color personality tendencies are born out of entitled thoughts and feelings. Watch this short video to understand more.

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Primary Colors Personality Test
Consideration, Personality, and Happiness


Anyone can be considerate, kind and respectful when someone is treating them in considerate, kind and respectful ways. In this short video, Dawn Billings explains what consideration, personality and happiness have in common.

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